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          Beijing Zhongsheng Yihua Technology Co., LTD

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          Beijing Zhongsheng Yihua Technology Co., LTD. All Rights Reserved.   Beijing ICP 10011931-2 

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          Intelligent video integrated security platform IDMS-XMS8900D

          All In One integrates integrated security, view storage, and AI applications. Comprehensive integration of video surveillance, intrusion alarm, access control, visual intercom, parking lot gate, patrol subsystem
          Zhongsheng Yihua comprehensive security management platform scenario (hotel epidemic prevention supervision auxiliary scenario) solution
          Zhongsheng Yihua comprehensive security management platform scenario solution case set -- Hotel epidemic prevention supervision auxiliary scenario solution One Finger Zen
          In shengyihua video cloud gateway software
          Video cSA and test platform, provincial central cloud platform, ministry central cloud platform security certification test; Video cSA full function test (camera access, information registration, status report, video push, PTZ control, etc.); Video transcoding function, RTMP video stream test; Video image quality detection report test; Video screenshot function test; Intelligent analysis Reports interface tests
          Video transcoding stream quality test (1M and 32K code stream, stable bit rate, clear image, rich texture details, no lag in movement, no frame loss and skipping, etc.); Csa system stability test on video (Stability test for 12 consecutive hours
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